• With the exception of churches,speaking rates are $300/speaker/day.
    Churches are requested to take up an offering and cover our travel for a weekend seminar.
  • Video Production work is a hard item to estimate. It very much depends on the scale of the project.

    A quick estimate for filming is $500/crew member/day.

    Editing is billed at $50/hour.

    We encourage you to fill tell us more about your project to give us a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish. This will help us serve you better

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  • Please describe the film or production work you want us to do.
  • We are not able to estimate the cost of your film or production work online at this time. We encourage you to call us at 530.327.9323 to speak with a representative who can give you an accurate estimate. Thank you.
  • Please describe the type of event you are inviting us for.
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  • Please select which topics you want us to cover for the event.
  • Please specificy other topics
  • Please enter speaking days, even a partial day is considered a speaking “day”.
  • Great news! We are putting are selves in the Lord’s hands. Here are the guidelines:
    1. The church making the requests agrees to a congregational offering so that each has opportunity to give as the Holy Spirit leads.
    2. Travel expenses must covered
    3. An opportunity is grated to make ministry materials available to seminar attendees during hours which are not sacred.
    Requests that exceed that time frame are charged an honorarium based on the number of days and speakers.
  • Booking Request Estimate

    Please fill out the rest of the information for a booking request estimate. This is not an exact cost but it should help you understand the finacial arragements needed to make the event happen.

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  • Will the speaker need to secure lodging?
  • Estimated lodging expense. Price: $0.00
  • If you are outside of California please choose airfare
  • Please input your distance from our location. Note: Air-miles are less than driving miles. This estimate may be high.
  • Will the speaker need a rental car?
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  • Use this to help you calculate distance from our location to yours.
  • Road trip! Ok, the mileage you put in this is will be multiplied by the national rate. Price: $0.00
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  • Here’s the damage. That wasn’t so bad was it? $0.00
  • Booking Terms

  • Disclaimer

    Booking request and deposit does not guarantee event dates. Events submited with deposit will take booking precidence over events with no deposit. Events canceled before payment is made in full will be refunded minus $200 if the request if made 72 hours in advance. A further deduction of $100/day will be enforced for every 24 hours that pass between the day of the event and the cancellation up to $500.00. If the event booked is less than $500.00, half the deposit will be returned.

  • Billing Terms

    Submitting this form is a tentative booking agreement. When the event has been fully booked the booking party is responsible for paying calculated expenses including but not limited to: airfare, mileage, dvds for event, parking fees, baggage fees, shipping and lodging. Little Light Ministires will send the boooking party an invoice of all precalculated expenses. Payment is due within 72 hours of the event. Any unforseen expenses will be due within 3 business days after the event has ended.

  • Contact Policy

    We will do our best to put someone in contact with you within 48 hours to discuss the details of your event further. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

  • By checking this box and clicking submit you agree to be bound to the financial terms of the disclaimer and billing terms. Don’t worry, no hidden clause to sign your life away.
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