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Would you like to know if you’re really a Christian? Maybe someone will say … “I live my life right.” No. That’s not proof of anything. Many people live properly without Jesus. They have an external morality and look very good. There are people of high morals, who would also be able to take off their shirt and give it […]

Kickstarter – Leaving Independence

leaving independence

We are so excited to launch our very first Kickstarter project. What is Kickstarter? In short it is a funding platform for creative projects. We are so pumped up about this project Leaving Independence, and we can not wait to put it out there, however this is project that needs funding in order for it […]

The Vine Dresser

As Fall and Winter bring a time of yard clean up and brush removal from the previous season, this time includes pruning the fruit trees, blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry bushes.? However of all the clipping and pruning, the experience that sticks with me? was that of grapevines. According to the old timers (and I suppose […]

Youth Ministry?

Is there anything biblical to justify Youth Ministry? Where is the line drawn? We would?love your feedback. ?Please keep keep your comments relevant?and appropriate. Remember we are?all on this upward journey together and are at different points in walk with?Jesus. ?Any criticism, belittlement,?non-Christ like comments are not tolerated and will not be allowed.  

Is Mom’s TV Time Bad for Kids?

A new report says that many Americans keep their TVs on as background noise at all?times ? and that such secondhand media could be harmful to young kids’ learning and?development. TUESDAY, Oct. 18 ? You?d never bring your 2-year-old to an R-rated movie, let her?flip through a racy magazine, or plop her on the couch […]

The Daniel Challenge

I personally think this is one of the most effective programs I been able observe. The?directors of this program are top notch, who have dedicated their lives to better?humanity. Go To ? ?and sign up today! Taken from their website: The Daniel Challenge is designed to encourage, equip, and enable better overall?physical, mental, and spiritual […]

Broken Hands

What does it mean to alleviate the suffering, poor and down-trodden? Does the?motive drive the action or does the action drive the motive? As I finished watching Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of Rural?Studio, I was struck with a sense of a selfless man, who by all appearances had?no religious prompting (Christian that […]

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