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It’s not a news flash that this generation is obsessed with media. And, as disciples of Jesus, we know we’ve all been given the great commission to spread the Gospel far and wide. Technology’s advances mean the distance and difficulties of fulfilling this call are quickly vanishing.

Media’s ever-present nature creates an ever-growing need to feed our obsession. You can create a project in the United States, upload it to your favorite platform and instantly share it with a world-wide audience. Now, the playing field has been leveled. Smaller digital media teams can have a voice with a large impact just as effectively as large organizations with huge broadcast budgets. As more people jump on the bandwagon of personalized technologies, we now have access to hundreds of millions of people via YouTube, Facebook, and a host of related outlets.

These are exciting times to be involved in media ministry.

As Christians, this brings a great opportunity to share our faith. Jesus painted word pictures for people to grasp His concepts, knowing that humanity responds well to visual mediums. That hasn’t changed, and today speakers and presenters often use visuals to illustrate faith concepts in an attractive way. However, they have all faced one shared problem — the huge vacuum of faith-based high-quality video and graphics available at an affordable price.

For example, if you need to portray Jesus returning with angels in the clouds, it’s costly to create animations of the second coming. If you need a video clip of the Hebrew sanctuary, a visual of Nebuchadnezzar’s image from Daniel two, or a real life scene of Jesus teaching in the synagogue —you’re going to end up paying a very high price.

Until now…

The solution? VideoMission.com — A Christian stock media platform that offers high-quality video without breaking the bank.

Its been said, “to get the job done, you need the right tools”. Churches, evangelists, film makers, and broadcast media groups all share the same need—high quality media to effectively illustrate the Gospel. At VideoMission, we provide the highest quality faith-based media at a price any lay gospel worker or small media team could easily afford.

How? Our website connects filmmakers, animators, and photographers from all over the world in one platform to share their media with consumers who need it. We provide the connection between these creators and the people who want to buy their content for preaching or teaching. This benefits both the creator and the end user, because content can be sold over and over again to different consumers globally at a lower cost, providing the creator with opportunity to reap a higher return in the long run.

If your passion is to create video, photographs or animations, we want you to join us as a creative contributor!

If your mission is preaching or teaching, then your wait is nearly over. We are bringing the solution for all your high-quality resource material needs soon!  Visit www.VideoMission.com to learn more.

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