Garment Sizing

Thanks for taking an interest in our garments.  Below you will find the data for sizing on all our current garments.  Please keep in mind that while this data reflects our standard products.  We do reserve the right to substitute with other garments which may not exactly reflect the same specifications.  We will do our best to keep the garments sized as close as possible should a substitution occur.  

As a general rule our garments are “fitted”. This means the garments are not baggy but closer fitting to the shape of the body.  If you are used to the standard shirts from outlets like Walmart, you’ll find these shirts fit tighter, in both male and female versions.   In the women’s shirt, you’ll find the fit comparable to Old Navy if you are familiar with their products. The hoodies do not have a fitted feel to them but are not baggy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.  We do accept returns but we ask the customer to pay the shipping both ways as we provide free shipping on the initial purchase.

Mens Short Sleeve

Body InfoSmallMediumLargeXL2XL3XL4XL
Body Length27282930313234
Body Length Tolerance1111111
Body Width18202224262830
Body Width Tolerance3/43/43/43/43/43/41/2

Mens Long Sleeve

Body InfoSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Body Length2829303132
Body Length Tolerance1/21/21/21/21/2
Body Width18 1/22021 1/223 1/225 1/2
Body Width Tolerance1/21/21/21/21/2
Sleeve Length2626 1/227 27 1/228

Womens Short Sleeve

Body InfoXSSmallMediumLargeXL2XL3XL
Body Length24 3/425 3/82626 5/827 1/427 7/828 1/2
Body Length Tolerance1/21/21/21/21/21/21/2
Body Width15 1/416 1/417 1/418 1/419 3/421 1/422 3/4
Body Width Tolerance1/21/21/21/21/21/21/2

Womens Long Sleeve

Body InfoSmallMediumLargeXL2XL
Body Length25 /1226272828/12
Body Length Tolerance11111
Body Width17 1/419 1/421 1/423 1/425 1/4
Body Width Tolerance3/43/43/43/43/4
Sleeve Length (From Center Back)3030 1/231 1/232 1/233 1/2


Body InfoXSSmallMediumLargeXL2XL3XL
Body Length27282930313233
Body Length Tolerance1111111
Body Width19202224262728
Body Width Tolerance1111111
Sleeve Length34 1/235 1/236 1/237 1/238 1/239 1/2
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