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Kickstarter – Leaving Independence

We are so excited to launch our very first Kickstarter project. What is Kickstarter? In short it is a funding platform for creative projects. We are so pumped up about this project Leaving Independence, and we can not wait to put it out there, however this is project that needs funding in order for it to be completed. We have a 30 day period starting right now to get the full amount we are trying to raise and we really need your help. When it comes to a supportive group of people, Little Light Studios has bar none the best and we love you for that. So a couple of ways you can help:

1) Financially Support – keep in mind there are some AWESOME incentives to give.
2) Share this post like the leaves of autumn – let?s create a Tipping Point for this project! If you know Educators, Home school parents, Historians, Farmers, or Anyone for that matter please SHARE!

Please click the link below for full details of the project, the rewards and the trailer. Oh yeah one more thing, all financial backing is tax deductible for the 2012 Tax season!

Thank you so much! Blessings!


See the updated project page here

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