League of Legends Fights The Law (Controller: Level 3 first time ever script release)

We had to be decisive about what would make the cut for our latest documentary about video games: Controller: Level 3 Counterfeit Controversy. Unfortunately League of Legends-which was already edited-didn’t make it, just for the sake of time. So we decided to turn that into a new LED. Now for the first time in Little Light’s history, we release the script of the League of Legends bit. We hope you’ll enjoy it, share it, love it.

The Little Light team.


Though games like Halo, GTA and Call of Duty make the Playstation and Xbox extremely popular, the PC isn’t out of the picture yet. Online multiplayer games or RPG’s make gamers switch on that dusty old computer again. League of Legends can easily be called king of online video games.

League of Legends was released in 2009 and has about 30 million players worldwide. Most players can be found in South Korea, where the League of Legends world cup was held in 2014. Teams play for hours and hours to win million dollar prizes and a lot of honour. But how did League of Legends become so big? Why is it so popular?

The goal of the game, in short, is to make your way to the other side where the player has a Nexus. Once that Nexus is destroyed, you win the game. You use heroes to accomplish this. All of this is done in a country called Runeterra. After an ancient war, the League of Legends was founded, to finish the controversy by fighting. This is what the game is all about. Yet again, with the designers having so much influence and power, could it be that they are using that to change the way you think about your Savior?

Just as in Halo, in League of Legends there is a war between good and evil. This was an ancient war between the Protectorate and the Magelords. The Protectorate have a crest with a stag symbol. The magelords have a crest with a owl symbol. This is very significant, because in modern paganism, the stag stands for God. In gnosticism an owl stands for a demon.

This might sound like an innocent battle between good and evil, similar to the real great controversy in our world. But you will be surprised once you learn about what characters are part of these two teams.

One of the Protectorate the gamer can play with, is a dragon called Aatrox, portrayed as a saviour in dark times. Game designers even mention how they were inspired by Balrog and Sauron from Lord of the Rings, both Satanic beings. So the God figure, the one who protects, is actually a dragon or Satan.

Looking at other aspects of the game, the League is housed in an Institute of War in Valerian, Runeterra’s province. It has been given the authority to govern the outcomes of the organized conflict they would administer. And so players could choose all kinds of hero’s or champions in the game to fight the battle in arena’s called Fields of Justice, trying to destroy the opponent Nexus.

Nexus is a latin word for link or connection. In the legalistic world it is often used to describe a connection in the law. In a field of justice where the player battles for victory with his champion, it is a connection in the law that is destroyed. As if there can be justice without the law.

Do you see that in all these popular games, played by millions, the same Biblical themes keep coming back? Only it’s the gospel story flipped upside down. In all these games we see a direct attack on God’s law, His character and His salvation plan. All of this is included in the sanctuary, not just the one that was on earth, but the one in heaven right now.


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