Light Exposing Darkness (LED)

About the Series

LED is a short form YouTube series that takes a look at current pop cultures through the lens of the Bible.  

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7 thoughts on “LED”

  1. so excited to share these with a friend who I don’t know well, but might benefit from the info. I was immersed in this stuff from toddler time to mid-20’s. I am in mid-50’s now. When tv came to town, my mom was totally addicted, and there was really nothing that was withheld from me, as far as watching movies on tv. Praise God for school (time away from tv/movies.) I don’t know if you mention this in your talks, but I believe one goal of tv and movies is to produce passive brains and minds. It produces minds that cannot handle stress well, and have difficulty with reality.
    God knows how to develop patience and correct what is out of order in a corrupted brain, such as mine, but since I recognized these things, and then you confirmed them, renewing my mind and being diligent and persevering in it has been difficult for years. As Christians, many of us are even more susceptible to the hypnotic effects and the subtle messages conveyed through this powerful medium. Even sitting in front of a computer to write is difficult, because I cannot hear what is going on around me and I lose all concept of time… these videos are so helpful, even though I can only listen and glance once in a while. thank you for sending out warnings with encouragement. We need to protect our frontal lobes!

  2. Charles & Janice Driggers

    Hey!! A friend posted the trailer of Is Disney Safe For Christians? on facebook, and it was timely because I had just been working on trying to get our daughter’s attention on these films. Our granddaughter has been exposed to the movies “Muanna,” “Frozen,” and “Mermaids.” It appears that it is mostly the other grandparents that are doing this. They have taken her to Disney twice already, and she is only 5 years old!! Anyway this trailer you posted on youtube helped to not feel like I am crazy!!! Do you have this on DVD? I couldn’t find it in your store.

  3. 좋은 영상을 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다. 미국 뿐 만 아니라 한국에서도 디즈니, 할리우드의 영웅 영화들이 많은 사람들을 열광시키고 있습니다. 최근 한국 영화산업도 많은 발전이 있었는데, 그것에 사단의 개입이 있음을 깨닫고 있습니다. 바로 예수 그리스도를 부인하고 영화를 보는 우리들의 삶을 주님으로 부터 멀어지게 하는 것에 영화를 이용하고 있는거죠. 그런 영화들이 천만관객을 동원하고 해외에서 극찬을 받거나 깐느(cannes film festival)같은 곳에서 상이라도 받으면 자랑스럽게 여기기도 합니다. 정말 마지막이 왔음을 실감합니다.우리 모두 마지막 때에 깨어 기도하고 복음을 전하는 사람들이 되길 진심으로 기도합니다.

  4. Have been watching your LED series and totally agree with all said and shown.
    I am a believer in Jesus Christ and when I showed my husband your program, he suggested I ask
    your opinion/view on War Hammer game. I have told him that I am not happy with him playing it
    and being in our home and now he is introducing the game to grandkids ages 7 and 10 and 11.
    Please write me back – he wants to know what you think or even do a show on the game. Much appreciated and God bless you all.
    I am from Ontario Canada.

  5. I have watched some of your videos and agree with some of what you are saying. Thusly, I was hoping I could get a list of more modern secular movies your group considers wholesome, or passable to show teens?

  6. LED brothers & sisters, I want to first thank you guys for all your awesome content and your biblical discernment, as you point out the falsehood of darkness and your uplifting of Jesus Christ. A friend introduced me to your videos last year, and I’ve enjoyed them ever since. But I want to also disagree with your recent video, Hollywood Rapture-Pretribulation? Do They Have It Correct? video. We are all human as you know, and though we are brothers and sisters in Christ, for those who are born-again, we are not the ultimate teachers. Yes, God has enlisted us into what He’s doing to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world, we are all ever learning. John 16:12-13 says the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. And again, He imparts truth alone, and yet, He uses us to pass it on. But your video, in away, it bothered me, having watched in for the first time today. You guys seemed to be mocking the PreTrib position. Hollywood is the last place you ought to be going to, to understand the pretrib position. You need to go to the word itself, and let it define its meaning. The rapture is based on Jesus’ promise to the Church, not Israel. The promise to them is the Davidic covenant, of which the Son of David, Jesus Christ fulfills, (2 SAm.7:12-16, Luke 1:26-33). The kings of Israel and Judah could not fulfill this promise, because God’s plan was to fulfill it in His Son Jesus Christ, which will take place at the end of the seven year tribulation period, when God has made the earth Jesus’ footstool, and Jesus is installed on Mt. Zion as the King of kings and Lord of lords((Zech.14), the establishment of Daivd’s earthly kingdom. Read it for yourself, it’s the second coming realized. The rapture, the Taken, the Snatching, or the being Caught up, has nothing to do with that. Jesus comes back to take His Church out of this world, and is taken back to His Fathers house, as He promises in John 14:1-3. If He takes us back to His Fathers house without being installed on David’s throne, then when is He installed, as outlined in Psalm 2? That takes place after the God destroys the Antichrist’s world government, and he and the False Prophet are throne into the Lake of Fire, the first two occupants(Rev.19:11-21). And following that, Satan is throne into the Abyss for one thousand years, before the throne of David begins. (Rev.20:1-10). Ask yourselves, “Why is the the Church never mentioned on earth from Rev.4-19? And, why didn’t the Lord give the Church no instructions on how to survive the tribulation and the Great tribulation, which is the second 3 1/2 years of a seven year period of time?” Because the Church is already in heaven by this point, looking at what God is doing on the earth from the safety of heaven. The book of Revelation isn’t Satan’s wrath on the Church and mankind, it is God’s wrath on the Beast and the False Prophet and their kingdom. People will be saved during that time, but the cost will be starvation and being beheaded as a result of not recieving the mark of the Antichrist. One resource that I would recommend is, by the late brother in the Lord, Dr. Chuck Missler of K-House.org. His video, The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9, demonstrates the purpose of the tribulation, and WHY the Church has nothing to do with the Tribulation period of time, which is yet to be fulfilled, week number 70. If you choose to watch it, test it against the word of God and see if it is true. The Pretrib rapture is NOT a Hollywood doctrine, or any other wood. But it is a biblical doctrine. One last passage of Scripture that I will leave you, and its found in Isaiah 26:19-21. Examine it closely, verse by verse, and compare it with John 14;1-3 , 1 Cor.15:50-55, and 1Thess.4:13-18, and see if the Holy Spirit telling you, that a large group of God’s people, even those who have died previously before the cross, are removed from this planet BEFORE God comes down and pours His wrath on all mankind. I’m not a professional bible researcher, I have zero degrees behind my name, and I’m not trying to get attention, I can care less, brothers & sisters. But I do have the Holy Spirit living inside of me, just as He is in you, and He says He would guide us into all truth, if we seek Him with all of our hearts, and I do. I am open to correction for sure, so don’t take my word for nothing, line it up with His word, ask Him am I pointing to the truth or not. I love you guys in the Lord, I enjoy your awesome ministry, and will continue to learn what God is teaching you guys and how He is using you to bear the truth. But please, always be careful to be discerning, so as not to be use by the Enemy to attack the word of God. We are all subject to that. And by the way, I appreciate how you and our sisters work as a team. God bless!! Your brother in Christ, Eric W.

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