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Pastor Jackson is a native of Washington, DC and has been a minister in the Allegheny West Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist for over 35 years. He has pastored churches in the states of West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. His passion is the “Surrender Message” which he believes is the solution to every problem we face.

You can visit his website here.


Every day is filled with temptation to turn to the left and right. Its so easy to fall into legalism or cheap grace. Its even easier to forget that Jesus was killed by liberals AND conservatives. So how can we be victorious in this battle of faith? There can only be one course of action: surrender. By surrendering to Jesus, and laying our life in His hands, we can find rest for our souls and freedom in Him.

Filmed by Little Light Studios at the Granite Bay SDA Church in Sacramento, California, Pastor Gregory Jackson explains many important truths based on scripture to show us how we can more fully surrender to Jesus, and let Christ be our guide to a more full and perfect unity to Jesus.

This is a three part series.

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