Preaching Organic, Eating Toxins

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wanna hear something crazy? I think Vegans and Vegetarians are perhaps the most UNhealthy people in the world. If you want to know why, take 10 minutes to read this. 


About 7 years ago, I had the wonderful life changing experience of going to India. It changed my life. The food and the people and did I mention the food were amazing! I got sick while there, perhaps more sick than ever in my life. If you have every traveled to the not as developed world and eaten the food or partaken of the delicious water you may have experienced what being “really sick” is all about.


I came back and was told I may have leprosy, interesting because I had been in a village with a leper and wouldn’t be shocked if this was true. The vast array of tests came back negative. I was given the high does of antibiotics and told to remove my tonsils. I didn’t want to lose such vital features of my neck :) So I decided to try to be healthier and figure it out.


IMG_4402_2Around this time I began to share with people about health. My dad had tumors in his liver, he went super healthy and those tumors which could not be operated on were gone and a bad memory just 6 months after he changed his whole life. He began to do humanitarian work around the world and loved every minute all the way up until the day he passed away in a tragic car accident. I began to share on health and getting back to the basics every chance I got.


Fast forward, my health had been not so great. The pounds I lost in India I never could gain back. I haven’t had much energy and my stomach has had a nagging pain for longer than I would like to admit. I have been to countless doctors, read countless books and still nothing.


I recently connected with someone that shared with me that I should find the best lab in the country and do some “serious” tests. I figured why not.


I did those tests about 2 months ago now and just got the results back. Here’s the scoop and I share all of this to hope someone can get some benefit as I am.


I have had extreme leaky gut. I have since developed an allergy to some of my favorite foods. Now for background I gave up eating any animal products about 3 years ago. I don’t enjoy sugar that much and think I am pretty healthy.


The foods I am like deathly allergic to?
-pretty much all beans
-last but not least – Kale, yea the world’s healthiest green food.



Do you know what to do when a health junky is told he can’t eat his favorite foods any more? I had the same feeling I am sure many have gotten when I tell them to give up eating meat, drop the cheese, no more milk etc. It’s a showstopper feeling!


But to just stop eating those wasn’t my total solution. What has helped me feel drastically better in a short term? I started eating organic food.


I know about GMO’s, I think MonSatan is just that. I think organic produce is the only way to go. But I have not slowed down in my eating out, my buying food that looks healthy but isn’t organic and the list goes on.


So I decided to eat only organic after a friend told me my issue wasn’t so much foods I was allergic to it was the toxin chemical – Glyphosate that I was ingesting with all of my non organic produce. I feel better already.


I started to look at my pantry, my produce, where I like to eat out and you know what I found? I eat SO MUCH TOXIC FOOD it would make your head spin. No restaurants that I know can guarantee organic produce and food. I try to buy organic but have not been strict on it. When I see a red pepper for $4.99 I say well I will just wash the NON-organic one off real good and it only costs .99 cents. There’s a reason, it’s not food! I don’t know what I thought to be honest? Did I think that the restaurants of the world really cared for my well being? Since going this route, I have had to learn to make with the help of my wife and mom healthy and tasty food at home for every meal. I have a whole new respect for chefs.


I even think that Vegans and Vegetarians have it the worst because they eat SO MUCH PRODUCE! Think about it, if you eat a lot of meat and cheese etc the animal has taken the brunt of the toxins into their liver, not yours. So a vegan could be more unhealthy than a carnivore. I am sad to say I think this is why so many Vegans look like skeletons walking around. Their stomachs are being destroyed by toxins in pesticides and herbicides like Glyphosate.


I realize Organic food is more expensive. It’s a lot more. But what I have learned in just a short time is that NON-organic food doesn’t absorb nutrients but it DOES absorb toxins internally. We can’t wash it off, it’s in the DNA of the plant cells and we ingest those and the body goes into chaos. This is why we see so much rise in autism, cancer, IBS, Constipation and so much more. GMO’s are a whole different issue but in summary, they actually are manufacturing their own Toxins and are immune to the heavy toxins sprayed on them.


This whole experience has compelled me more than ever before to begin growing more and hopefully one day all of my own food so that I know what is in it. What most people don’t know is that conventional i.e. toxic produce has no nutrients in it. Organic food has more but honestly not that much. High-Nutrient produce that the farmer has nourished the soil with amendments and minerals has the ability to build up the body so that the immune system is invincible. (BRAND ADVERTISING ALERT) This is why getting a GrowBox and learning to grow your own high nutrient organic food is so important.


Here is the science:


This video below makes the issue very clear. I hope you enjoy. Love to hear anyone out there with a similar journey or in need of some encouragement :)

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