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Experience what the attendees experienced at ARME 3. Shot on location at Leoni Meadows,CA, this series will equip you with the tools to take your prayer and study life to the next level. It will inspire you to share these tool everyone! Includes all seven speakers and their given presentations.

ARME 3 Titles

Peter Gregory

  1. Little Brains
  2. Verse by Verse
  3. They Testified of Me
  4. Preach the Word

Dale Leamon

  1. Making Bible Study an Experience
  2. God’s Love in Revelations Judgement
  3. Study to be Filled with Jesus’ Love
  4. The Spirit of Jesus

Jeffery Rosario

  1. Do You Remember Your First Encounter?
  2. Pyramid Ascending
  3. Pyramid Descending

Ivor Myers

  1. Hidden Manna
  2. Blueprint 1
  3. Blueprint 2
  4. Blueprint 3
  5. Divine Designs in 5 Dimensions
  6. The Big Picture

Martin Kim

  1. Experiencing God
  2. Prevailing Prayer Part 1
  3. Prevailing Prayer Part 2
  4. The Whole Secret of Prayer

Isaac Olatunji

  1. The Nature of the Word
  2. The Kingdom Principle in Scripture
  3. The Kingdom Principle in the 3 Angels Message
  4. Sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom

Don Mackintosh

  1. A Study of Revival in Psalm 85
  2. A study of Heart Preparation
  3. Principles from 1 & 2 Timothy
  4. A Revival of Preaching

This is a seven DVD series.
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