Meat In Due Season

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The Meat in Due Season Series is a set of ongoing Bible studies by Henry Cha on the sanctuary and related truths. It is a make-over of the original Sanctuary Service Series and contains numerous enhancements, additional studies and insight not found in the original Sanctuary Service Series.

The purpose of these studies is simply to point believers to Jesus and to bring out more prominently His saving work in the heavenly sanctuary for those living in the time of the end, a time of unprecedented solemnity because of the judgment going on in the heavenly sanctuary.

The cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary message is meat in due season. It must not be allowed to trail in the dust. Rather, it must be held up as the only hope of a lost and dying world.

These presentations are are in MP3 Audio format.  Visit Little Open Book Ministry for more information.

Note:  The set is ongoing and not 100% complete.  More CD’s will be mailed until the set is finished.  Currently the set contains 4 CD’s.  It will be an 8CD set when finished.

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