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What’s in SuperTonic?

The main base (90%) “Bragg Organic-Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar is made from the finest, delicious, healthy, organically grown apples available.  Raw apple cider vinegar is full of zesty natural goodness and contains the amazing ‘mother’ of vinegar which occurs naturally as connected strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules and is highly regarded through history.  Many medical studies show the health benefits of apple cider vinegar.  In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used it for its amazing natural cleansing, healing, energizing health qualities.”  From the side of the Bragg bottle.

I’ve tried a few other organic-raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegars and frankly Bragg’s is the best.  I use this amazing vinegar to preserve the juice of 5 power packed ingredients.  I always buy local organically grown produce.
1)  Yellow Ginger reduces fever and inflammation.  It also is effective against nausea, vomiting and various respiratory problems such as cold, flu, cough, asthma and bronchitis.

2)  Garlic Bulb destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact.  Seriously on contact, dead as a doornail.  Garlic has always been medicinal power herb, numero uno.

3)  Habanero Pepper increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids, providing a strong offense against any viral invader.

4)  White Onion promotes healthy digestion, killing viruses and bacteria that pose a threat to your immune system.

5)  Horseradish Root stimulates respiratory system and moves stagnant congestion, breaking up the thick mucus deep within your nasal passages.


What is this Tonic used for?

This universal remedy is a must for your next cold, flu or sniffle.  You will be absolutely amazed at how powerful this formula is in attacking that actual problem and not just covering up your symptoms.  Take it straight, in juice or V8, put a squirt in your next soup or salad, there are so many ways you can use it.

Where did the inspiration come from to make this tonic?

I have long been interested in natural healing and the relationship between health and what we eat.  It was while living in Venice California I came across Dr. Schulze’s Herbal Botanical Pharmacy in Marina Del Rey.  For the first time I was introduced to the power of cleansing.  Instantly I was hooked!  I’ve used his bowel, liver and kidney cleanses ever since.  If you have never heard of Dr. Schulze, you should check out his website herbdoc.com and order his 30-day Detox program or at least start with a 5-day bowel cleanse.  He wrote a book called, “There Are NO Incurable Diseases” which is a real eye opener.  There is a big banner in his store that says,  “STOP doing what is killing you and START doing what is going to create a healing miracle in you life!”  I completely connect with what Dr. Schulze is “preaching” and have shared his products with everyone I’ve had a health discussion with.

One of the products I was continually purchasing from Dr. Schulze was his Super Tonic.  I loved it!!! But I simply blasted through his 2oz bottles to quickly,  so I started making my own to be significantly more potent, and began bottling it in a 4oz dropper bottle.  I have continued to call it by the same name because this is the original super tonic, a powerful combination that has been used throughout history.

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