War In Heaven

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War in Heaven is a Prophetic Evangelistic Series that deals with the origin of sin and the blueprint of salvation. This 15 part series breaks down the controversy that unfolded in Heaven before the world was created and describes how the war in heaven is best understood through the Hebrew Sanctuary. This series deals with the topics that many people are confused about today – State of the Dead, Hell Fire, the Sabbath, and more.

About Ivor Myers

Ivor Myers once belonged to an aspiring hip hop group named The Boogiemonsters. Appearing on programs such as Soul Train and BET and featured in magazines like Vibe and Rolling Stone, they were headed for stardom. However, while recording their first album of their eight album contract with EMI Records, Ivor was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. After his eye-opening revelation, he left the industry. Together, Ivor and his wife, Antonte, host 3ABN’s “Battle of Faith” television program and are founders of “Power of the Lamb Ministries.” Ivor also is the president and founder of ARME Bible Camp, a ministry dedicated in equipping God’s people in Bible study and prayer. He is an ordained minister that currently pastors at the Templeton Hills Church in Templeton, CA. You can listen to some of his other sermons on audio verse.

This DVD-set is 8 discs long.

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