About Us

 About Us

With the development of inventive environments to inspire creative energy for sharing, the large gap of unreached or uninvolved young people will narrow. We have a passion to create a production facility, a place where young people can explore, learn, and produce Christ inspired, innovative media.

 About our Mission

Our mission is to create experiences that optimize the restoration of a healthy mind, body and soul.

 About our Non-Profit Status

Little Light Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non profit charitable organization.

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer was raised an Adventist in Paradise, California. He attended film school in college with high hopes of fulfilling his dream of working in the film and television business. Shortly after leaving college he packed his bags and headed to tinsel town where he quickly found a job working as a camera man in television. It didn’t take long before the lures of the Hollywood lifestyle led Scott completely away from anything to do with God. He lived his life in the fast lane until God sent him the right people at the right time to call him away from his destructive path. As a result of being asked to speak at a youth rally about his experience in Hollywood, Battlefield Hollywood was born, a presentation which takes an in depth look into the effects Hollywood has on your mind and how the devil is using the entertainment business to deceive many. He is now an Executive Producer at Little Light, which means he’s in charge and he pretty much can do anything from directing to writing and editing. He’s also one of our public speakers when we’re asked to preach somewhere. Scott is married with two children.

Keith Detwieler


Keith is a native of southern California. His educational background is in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

One day while on Facebook he saw some presentations by Scott that impacted his outlook on life. Coupled with a desire to work in ministry as an evangelist he called the studio to see if there was something they could work out.  After several years working at a distance, he moved with his wife and 4 children from Missouri to Northern California to work in ministry full time.

Currently Keith works to maintain the website of Little Light Studios as well as speaking, editing, writing and filming.   He is passionate about doing the work of an evangelist and speaking to people about the Word of God, especially as it relates to media.

Mikey Jenny

T-shirt Designer/Printer

Mikey started his own clothing company back in 2008. Original designs were meant to resemble rock t-shirts. He became pretty successful, getting famous bands to sponsor him and wear his designs. In 2013, he had a life-changing experience and God revealed to him the signs of the times. Ever since that moment, his designs have taken a whole new direction, and his business has a whole new mission. He was introduced to Little Light Studios through Gnostic Gospels. Since that time, he has been an avid follower of this ministry. God was able to work things out perfectly and now he gets to work for his favorite ministry!

Alex Castillejos

Little Light Studios (Spanish)

Israel Alex Castillejos: Manager of Little Light Studios En Español, was born in Chiapas, México and raised in an Adventist home. He was going to Montemorelos University studying Accounting when he decided to come to the United States to learn English. He then met his wife and the USA became home. In Spring of 2011 he went to audioverse.org to download a preaching and found “American Idol”. He thought that it was going to be a talk about music, but to his surprise the guy (Scotty) was talking about movies and the origins of superheroes. He was excited to hear all these new truths and he had his own addiction to movies. A couple of months later he saw an interview with Thom & Scott Mayer and Brandon Mascareñas on 3ABN. Scotty was saying that they would like to share their message in different languages. So, he contacted them and they shared with him a file to translate. He helped translate 4DVDs and has been asked to be the Director & Speaker for Little Light Studios En Español, as he has a passion for media evangelism. He now lives in Oregon with his wife and 3 children and they enjoy multiple outdoor activities.

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