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Who’s There in the Darkest Hour?

darkest hour

By Jana Chapman I had held my son almost nonstop for the two past days. I was alone with him on the far end of the cancer ward on the fourth floor of the hospital. Fever had consumed him and the central line protruded from his neck making it hard to hold him. There was […]

*UPDATE* Sherlock: By Beholding…


***UPDATE*** Turns out the Aleister Crowley connection was totally deliberate. The script writer?Lionel Wigram discussed this openly with in this article. ———————————————- What is it at the heart of men that is intrigued by a mystery? Perhaps its that excitement, perhaps its the love of chasing hidden knowledge, but one thing is for certain, […]

Twilight: Is It Just A Story?


From the looks of the fans of Twilight, they may not all be able to tell. The phenomenon of films such as “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” has reached a fever pitch the can only be equaled?by their book sales. But this has also driven sales of real occult books promoting witchcraft and satanism to a […]

Do Something Creative TODAY!

something creative

Challenge: Do something that engages the right brain and create something! Build, draw, paint, sew, write, it doesn’t matter, do something and have fun! Then post it for the world to see.

Church Planter

church planter

Much of what is written about church planting aims at methodology and strategy for facing such challenges, but specific strategies do not apply to every context. What lies deeper, at the heart of every church plant? The most critical human component of every church plant is the planter. Darrin Patrick, vice president of the Acts […]