Would you like to know if you’re really a Christian? Maybe someone will say … “I live my life right.” No. That’s not proof of anything. Many people live properly without Jesus. They have an external morality and look very good. There are people of high morals, who would also be able to take off their shirt and give it to a needy person, and yet is capable of cursing. The external moral behavior can be caused by all sorts of reasons: We want others to think well of us.

How then can we know if we are really Christians? The book Steps to Christ gives us two solid pieces of evidence. 1. Who we want to talk about? 2. Who do we want to think about? (P. 57) If we often think of Jesus and constantly want to talk about him, probably we are able to pass the test that would give us the title of genuine Christians.

The early believers were called “Christians” because Christ was the subject of their conversations. “Christ did this.” “Christ said that.” “Christ did this one.” And finally the people who heard began to call them Christians. What name will people give you according to how you talk? If you are a Christian, you would be very happy to think about Jesus and talk about him.

Contemplating Jesus every day, considering his love and mercy, understanding more and more the sacrifice He made to live and die for each of us, will be transforming. When Jesus becomes the center of our life, our conversation will be in evidence. Our thoughts revolve around Him. Our obedience will become more genuine to see what Jesus does for us and how great is His love. Meditating constantly on Jesus and His love. By meditating on Jesus and His love, our lives will be transformed!

Smile Jesus Loves You 🙂

Reference: Faith That Works By Morris Venden Pag. 184

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