Media That Makes a Difference

As young people we are bombarded with the constant need for social media, “likes,” and trying to reach for what is known to the world as the “top” but in my life personally the only top that I have found to be meaningful is serving God and getting to understand him better.

My husband and I were raised Adventists and appreciated the fundamental teachings within the religion. It was only in adulthood that I really found the enjoyment of coming away from the things of the world and truly having the Sabbath day to reflect on God. Each and every day is indeed precious but as recorded in Exodus 20:8-11, God blessed and hallowed the seventh day and that is what makes it extra special.

My family usually respects the Sabbath by going to church. If we aren’t able to attend church we like to watch 3ABN or Little Light Studios, keeping our focus on Christ.  Little Light Studios programs give insight to various hidden messages in movies, cartoons, etc. or 3ABN programs keeping Jesus on our mind.

After the birth of our now 2-year-old,we wanted to embrace various joys of being Adventist, and provide a solid foundation for her to hold on to so we were inspired to write a children’s book entitled, Happy Sabbath This book features two children, Kingston and Kenya, who enjoy spending time with family and God on this special day.

Taking time away from the worldly cares and focusing on God and family is a wonderful experience and we want to do a small part in sharing this joy by getting our books printed professionally so that we can be a blessing to others and to also give books away as a witnessing tool.

If you enjoy the Sabbath and would like to be a part in helping us reach this goal then you can help by visiting

The Leon family

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