Battlefield Hollywood Presentations

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Battlefield Hollywood is a series of talks that take a look at the entertainment industry from a Bible based perspective.  



Artificial Atmosphere

Video games, a global obsession, has single handedly revolutionized every area of entertainment while bringing in over $20 billion in 2008. Is the video game industry transforming the human behavior by the sound and fury and the death and destruction.

As the lines between video games and reality become more and more blurred, what is in store for today’s society? Is there a link between violence and video games?
Can the gaming industry manipulate and shape our beliefs? See for yourself how some of the biggest games in the industry are vying for your time, money and your physical /spiritual behavior.

False System of Worship

Since the beginning of time, man has been manipulated into worshipping something and anything other than the true God of Heaven. His intentions have never changed, only his tact. Is it possible that the devil has repackaged his false systems of worship in such a deceptive fashion that most people don’t even recognize they are worshiping things other than God?

False System of Worship will explore how the devil is using high profile celebrities to lead people away from true worship that only the God of heaven deserves.  If the war in Heaven began over worship and the last day deception will be about worship, than how important is it to know what true worship is?

Hollywood's Gnostic Gospels

The Gnostic gospels sprung out of Christianity in the 2nd Century.  Biblical truths were inverted.  They taught that the creator God was evil and that hte serpent in the garden of Eden was actually good.

Hollywood has long used Bible stories as themes in movies.  But are they telling the same inverted truths as the early gnostics? Are they ultimately leading you to believe that God is evil and the devil is good?
See how the movies “The Matrix”, “300”, “The Truman Show”, and “Pleasantville” all have gnostic themes. Find out why Hollywood is trying to change the way we view the God in Heaven.

The Home Hypnotist

Does it really matter what kind of movies or television you watch?  Can you decipher between the good and the bad?  What is actually going on inside your brain when you stare at this blinking light source in a dark room?

This Home Hypnotist will take an in depth look at the scientific evidence behind the phenomenon of our modern media. It will show how easily you are affected by what you watch.  It examines subliminal advertising and the inner workings of the advertising business.  Once you see this presentation, you will never say “it doesn’t affect me” again.

AFCOE Series

Coming Out of Hollywood