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Battlefield Hollywood Sharing DVD.

Calling Canvassers, Churches, and Individuals!

Little Light Studios has designed a DVD for the sole purpose of SHARING!

The Battlefield Hollywood sharing DVD contains our three latest Documentaries: Magic Kingdom, The Replacement gods, Pseudology & #Selfie.

This wallet size DVD is the perfect product for not only carrying with ease, but sharing with ease. It’s the perfect size and cost for local churches to pick up and distribute as part of your outreach program.

Sharing DVD Pricing

Price is per disc.  i.e. 10 discs x $10.00 = $100

 5  $10.00/each
 10-20  $10.00/each
30-40 $8.50/each
50-90 $6.75/each
100-190 $5.00/each
200 $3.95/each
Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 5.25 × 0.125 in
Bulk Option: No selection

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  2. Elinor
    This text is worth everyone’s attention. How can I find out more?

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