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Everything that Little Light Produces plus free Gifts!  This is a retail value of $425, but we are discounting to $29, with a $40 Gift!

Make sure you choose your t-shirt and size there are included with your order.

English or Spanish Version Available

What’s included in this mega bundle?

10 Sharing DVDs!

Documentary Set
-The Replacement gODS 2
-The Replacement gODS
-Controller 3
-Controller 2
-Controller 1
-Magic Kingdom

Presentation Set
-Home Hypnotist
-Gnostic Gospels
-False System of Worship
-Artificial Atmosphere
-Battlefield Hollywood 6 Part Set

Little Light Productions
-The Royal Disease
-The Dragon Revealed
-Light Shining in the Darkness
-The Dragon Revealed Down Under
-Leaving Independence
-A Line of Distinction
-Competitive Christianity


A free Soil Salvation Kit with DVD
Free Booklet – Light Shining in The Darkness

*Spanish Version includes the following subsitutions

-The Replacement gODS = dIOSES Ajenos
-Magic Kingdom = Reino Magico
-Controller 1 = Control 1
-Sharing DVD = Spanish Sharing DVD

Not all English DVD’s have subtitles.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9.5 × 8 in

John 3:16, Animals (Red), Animals (Brown), Fast Logo, Guard Well, Get Ready, Fish, Sabbath (Grey), Sabbath (Blue), Lambsbook, Battlefield Hollywood (Red), Battlefield Hollywood (Black)


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Bundle Lange

English, Spanish


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