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Over the last 50 years, we have witnessed an explosion of Eastern philosophy and martial arts in Western culture. What has been their influence upon the last 2 generations? And where does this path we have set our feet upon lead? Does the study of Martial Arts, Tai-Chi and Yoga really lead to a more disciplined way of life, as is being promoted by the media today? Are our children being made better men and women of God through these practices, or is there something deceptive working behind the scenes? From the studio that made “Battlefield Hollywood”, “Controller” and “The Replacement gods” comes a all new documentary which seeks to give answers to these very questions.

Eric Wilson was a student and instructor in martial arts for almost 25 years. In this time he has learned a great deal about the hidden truth behind these practices. In this first part of the Dragon’s Realm series, he will reveal the dangers of Eastern mysticism including karate, martial arts, tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, and acupressure. Through his journey in martial arts Wilson discovered that satan was trying to control the bodies and the souls of men, as the devil knows he has a short time on earth he wants to manipulate us while he can.

Martial arts is one of the many ways that the devil seeks to trick and trap us. Let us start from the beginning, where did martial arts come from? We will hear the origins of eastern mysticism and see how light and darkness has been blended together for many years. It has seeped into film, music, and books. We may make excuses and claim we know the difference between reality and fantasy, but does it really make a difference if we know it’s pretend? Something inside of us is still affected and we slowly become accustomed to more violence, more sexuality, and more liberalism.

We must guard ourselves against these deceptions with the knowledge of the Word of God. We must acquire real knowledge to defend ourselves and ensure our hearts go along with it. If we tune both our hearts and heads to God, then we will not allow evil to enter in. In this exciting first part of this series Wilson will show us how martial arts is the total counterfeit of God’s way. In martial arts the concept of defence and offence is emphasized, but that is not Christ’s way. Instead of allowing slow and creeping compromise to our beliefs, let us acknowledge truth and error and choose pure truth!

Eric began training in the martial arts at the age of fourteen, just after his parent’s separation. Searching for stability and meaning in his life, he began his journey on a path which promised confidence, assurance, and control. Over the next 24 years, Eric received black belt and instructor certification in seven styles of the combative arts. He was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the USA. With a background in natural and alternative medicine, Eric studied extensively in the field of energy healing. He was recognized as an instructor in the Chinese internal arts of Tai-chi, Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The life he lived was to all appearances a success. But through the years involved in the eastern mystical arts, Eric had become blind to the forces which had set themselves to destroy both himself, Sarah, and their family. Their marriage crumbled.

However, after nearly five years of separation and divorce, God reunited Eric and Sarah in the covenant of marriage, restoring both their family and their home.

Eric shares the miracle of how God rescued him from the powers of darkness. Eric and Sarah’s lives are now dedicated to sharing the glad tidings of salvation in Jesus, and His desire to set every captive free!

Eric’s Australian seminar series for Steps to Life has been specially prepared for his visit to Australia. It contains updated and additional information to his five part series filmed by Amazing Discoveries TV (Canada) and Little Light Studios (USA).

1. Serpent’s Whisper and the Shadow of Doubt?
2. Bushido – Beholding We are Surely Changed?
3. The Way and It’s Power
4. Subtle Seduction, Modern Miracles & An Ancient Illusion?
5. The Omega of a Most Startling Nature?
6. Mystery Unveiled – Stones Cut Out Without Hands!

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