Lady Gaga’s Twisted Religion

Few people have reached the level of fame as pop icons do in the 21st century. Fans from around the world worship and idolize these individuals, but it most often comes at a severe price. It seems the higher one climbs up the fame ladder, the more bizarre they become. One such celebrity is Lady […]

Bound like a cactus

By an anonymous author. My mother loved cacti. Everywhere she lived she planted those thorny plants. It seemed like the prickliest ones were her favorite, and I their victim. When mom sold her home and moved into a senior apartment complex, she replanted several into pots and, of course, they went with her. One of […]

A Rat On Fire

Written by an anonymous author. While living on my farm, tree clippings, garden refuse and weeds would be stacked onto a pile for burning in the fall. The pile grew quite large as summer progressed. When the time came to burn it, I started multiple fires around its base in case a rattlesnake might be […]

Listening to the Creator

By an anonymous author. “You are great, O, Lord God, for there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You, according to all that we have heard with our ears.” 2 Samuel 7:22 On a late afternoon this past year I drove out to the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge in California and parked […]

Achan’s Blunder

As we walk in the spiritual footsteps of ancient Israel, there is much that we can learn from their story. One such lesson is that of Achan’s blunder. Israel had crossed over the Jordan and was about to overtake Jericho. The command came from Joshua to the people saying: “By all means abstain from the […]

League of Legends Fights The Law (Controller: Level 3 first time ever script release)

We had to be decisive about what would make the cut for our latest documentary about video games: Controller: Level 3 Counterfeit Controversy. Unfortunately League of Legends-which was already edited-didn’t make it, just for the sake of time. So we decided to turn that into a new LED. Now for the first time in Little […]

How Max Steel is teaching your kid the great controversy from another realm

It all started with an action figure for kids, but the Max Steel franchise has become a lot bigger than that. With a comic book and an animation series on Cartoon Network and DisneyXD, you would think that toy company Mattel has reached its limit. But the contrary is happening. In three days the new Max Steel […]

Ready. Set. Go!

In a very short time the new augmented reality game Pokemon Go has gotten people off their couches more than a Fitbit has in months. But is it here today and gone tomorrow? We live in an age of fast paced information and short attention spans. Or do we? Perhaps it’s symptomatic behavior, after all […]

A Dinosaur and His Boy

This Thanksgiving Pixar is releasing another animated film.  It’s titled “The Good Dinosaur”. Here is the description from Pixar: The Good Dinosaur asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into […]


¿“Leíste el artículo en el Metro (Periódico holandés gratuito) esta mañana?” me mando un texto mi mamá el pasado viernes. Es acerca de los Muppets, aparentemente las madres están molestas porque son demasiado sexuales para que sean vistos por niños. No podía ser coincidencia que, yo estuviera de regreso a mi casa en el tren […]

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